26–28 September 2006
Radisson SAS Royal Hotel Bryggen, Bergen, Norway
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Per Sandberg, Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries
Practical information: Kari Østervold Toft, Institute of Marine Research

Press release:
An important step towards ecosystem based management

 Program as of 20 September 2006

 Report of the conference

The aims of the conference are to review concepts and address implementation issues related to applying the ecosystem approach to fisheries, to exchange experiences made and constraints encountered so far, and to identify strategies and best practices that will facilitate further implementation in practical fisheries management.


The Conference will bring together scientists, government administrators responsible for fisheries management and the environment, fishery industry representatives, non-governmental organizations and other interested parties.


The Conference is expected to produce proceedings including technical papers and case studies. Its results are addressed primarily to decision- and policy makers in fisheries within national and international institutions as well as to the fishing industry.

Important dates

Deadline for abstracts: 26 June 2006
Deadline for registration: 31 August 2006.