Second announcement

The symposium will be organised with 5 consecutive sessions:


Session 1 – The ecosystem approach: concepts and strategies

Chairperson: Mike Sinclair, Canada

This session will review the development of the conceptual framework for implementing an ecosystem approach, including sectoral and cross-sectoral considerations, and the strategies designed to achieve implementation of those concepts.

Invited speakers

  • Gabriella Bianchi, FAO: The concept of Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries in FAO
  • Marjo Vierros, Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD): The concept of Ecosystem Approach in CBD
  • Kristján Thórarinsson, Iceland: The concept of Ecosystem Approach in a Nordic perspective
  • Ken Sherman, USA: The Large Marine Ecosystem Approach


Session 2 – The knowledge base for an ecosystem approach

Chairperson:  Poul Degnbol, EC

Review of the advances in developing the knowledge base for an ecosystem approach to fisheries, in both data rich and data poor situations.

Invited speakers

  • Gunnar Stefansson, Iceland: Recent developments on methods for evaluating the effects of fishing and efficiency of control measures in an ecosystem context
  • Klaus Nygaard, Greenland: Greenland ecosystems: Major challenges – limited knowledge
  • Cassandra de Young, FAO: Economic, social and institutional considerations of applying the ecosystem approach to fisheries management


Session 3 – Approaches and tools for managing fisheries as part of the ecosystem approach

Chairperson:  Serge Garcia, FAO

Review of progress made in developing approaches and tools for the adoption of an ecosystem approach, with emphasis on systemic effort and catch controls, technological measures (e.g. fishing gear), spatial controls (e.g. MPAs), and economic incentives (including certification processes).

Invited speakers

  • Grimur Valdimarsson, FAO: The Ecosystem Approach – The industry perspective
  • Peter Gullestad, Norway: Marine Protected Areas and areal management aspects


Session 4 – Experiences from case studies

Chairperson:  Lori Ridgeway, Canada

This session will review the experiences made in implementing an ecosystem approach at various scales, including local, national and regional levels. The contribution of LMEs for regional implementation of the ecosystem approach will be given special consideration.

Invited speakers

  • Inger Winsnes, Norway: Integrated Management Plan for the Barents Sea and the sea areas off Lofoten
  • Jóhann Sigurjónsson, Iceland: The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries: Status of implementation in Iceland  
  • Al Duda (tbc), Global Environment Facility (GEF): Experiences from the GEF supported Large Marine Ecosystem projects
  • Johann Augustyn, South Africa (tbc): The implementation of the Ecosystem Approach to fisheries management in the Benguela region - experiences, advances and problems


Session 5 – Implementing the ecosystem approach to fisheries: the way forward

Moderator:  Mike Sinclair

Introductions by members of a panel of invited experts will set the stage for a final plenary discussion as regards the way forward, taking into consideration lessons learned, challenges and obstacles to implementation. 

Panel members

  • Poul Degnbol, EC
  • Serge Garcia, FAO
  • Lori Ridgeway, Canada
  • Peter Gullestad, Norway
  • Jóhann Sigurjónsson, Iceland
  • Qisheng Tang, China
  • Inge Halstensen, Norway


Contributions by participants

We are also inviting participants to give contributions. There will be the opportunity for some unsolicited oral presentations but most contributions will be made through posters, which will be given special attention in the programme.

Deadline for abstracts: 26 June 2006

Deadline for registration: 31 August 2006.

Registration fee: US$ 150, US$ 90 for students.


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